Robert Henderson - Consultant Profile


Bob Henderson has more than three decades of experience in management, training and research roles. He has served as a Royal New Zealand Air Force officer and a Captain, Instructor and Manager for Air New Zealand. He also has extensive experience in safety and management roles in the international aviation sports arena, which has been recognised with the award of the MNZM.

Bob has a strong background in psychology and is a Human Factors Specialist. He lectures at the University of Auckland and consults to organisations on optimising safety, operational performance and company culture through the application of Human Factors in the workplace. He is a widely sought after trainer and international speaker.

“Human Factors” is a multidisciplinary field that combines human behaviour and capabilities with system and process design to maximise safety and optimise performance. Human Factors within the aviation industry is a highly developed field and Bob’s knowledge and experience translate, logically, to provide critical insights to other industries and organisations. These include the Medical community, Telecommunications and Transport Industries.

Areas of Specialisation:
• Analyse training needs and develop human factors programmes to meet client requirements
• Design and deliver training programmes, including simulations, to improve the awareness of the impact of the human in the work environment
• Coach and mentor leaders to understand Human Factors and the impact on performance
• Integrate the principles of ‘Just Culture’ and safety and reporting systems into a company environment
• Carry out technical analyses and write reports
• Create and produce training resources, including videos and simulation exercises
• Develop and analyse reporting systems and enable legal protection of the data gathered
• Chair and facilitate planning sessions, meetings and discussion groups
• Manage selection centres using personnel selection tools including interviews, roles plays and simulations

Major Projects Undertaken:
• Human Factors member on a major research project at the University of Auckland Medical School, responsible for the fidelity of the simulation scripts, the development of a measurement tool and the integrity of the data gathered through observational techniques
• Human Factors member of an external review team investigating a preventable patient death for the Auckland District Health Board
• Investigator on a major aircraft incident and subsequently wrote and co-produced a training video which Boeing and Airbus companies distributed world-wide
• Developed Human Factors training packages for New South Wales Railcorp and Telecom New Zealand
• Developed training courses in airlines with a multi-cultural workforce and for professional pilot training schools
• Facilitated Civil Aviation industry safety forums

Academic Qualifications:
• MSc (1st Class Honours) Human Factors (2001) (Auckland)
• Graduate with Credit, RAF Aerosystems Course (1987) (Cranwell)
• Postgraduate Diploma of Science in Ergonomics (1978) (Massey)
• BSc in Psychology (1974) (Canterbury)