Career Coaching


People's careers develop in very different ways. Some career paths are quite deliberate and planned, some have been strongly influenced by family members and some have stemmed from opportunities that came along when leaving school. Most of us have careers born from a mixture of all of these and they can be very satisfying and rewarding or leave a person feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. As a person’s career develops they often face choices about their future direction. As time goes by and they have more and more invested in the past which can cause confusion. The examples below demonstrate just a few of the dilemmas that people can face in their careers. Choosing whether to:

Stay as a technical specialist or take on more general management responsibility.

Pursue a promotion that will mean relocating the whole family

Pursue a long held passion or self employment

Leave a job that is no longer satisfying or enjoyable or try to re-engage

Rejoin the workforce after a long career break

Change employer,  industries, or career direction

Leave a job due to personality conflicts

As people grow and circumstances change, a person can find that they are no longer enjoying a role or industry that they once found fulfilling and career decisions about the future are not always clear cut.

The team at About Potential are passionate about careers. We have many years experience helping people to understand the different factors and drivers that influence a person's choices. We help people to gain insights about their interests, skills, values and motivations and then take into account the life circumstances that also impact on their decisions. This provides a framework that can be used as they explore possible options that lie ahead, giving greater clarity to help with decision making.

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