Job Analysis


Job Description and Competency Identification 


A well developed and well understood job description forms the basis of the relationship between the employee and the organisation. Whilst there needs to be flexibility there also needs to be a clearly understood focus for the role and agreed measures of success. Often when new roles are created much about the role is assumed or overlooked by a hiring manager. Different stakeholders in an organisation may have a different view of what they want the role to achieve and clarity on these issues is key to creating a solid foundation for a prospective job holder. In addition it provides an opportunity to clearly identify the critical behavioural competencies and technical skills required for the role and to outline the values and culture of an organisation or department. This then allows potential applicants to self select facilitating more suitable applications who are likely to be a better fit for the role and the team. Once these have been defined it is then very easy to measure shortlisted applicants against the qualities through behavioural interviewing and psychometric assessment.


Performance Appraisal and Development System


Following on from the job analysis it is then a logical next step to create a comprehensive performance management and development system that will allow the line manager and employee to have regular dialogue and well planned and relevant feedback to track performance against the pre agreed measures of success and adherence to organisational values.

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