Leadership Development - Line Manager and Senior Leaders 

Individuals and Teams will thrive under good leadership but Leaders are a work in progress who through exposure to the challeges bought about by the role and the environment, have the potential to develop outstanding leadership capabilities. Leadership is complex and senior leaders can feel quite isolated. Traditional training or development may not be available or address the particular issues or dynamics that person is facing. Leaders often have a difficult transition moving to a position where they are managing people who were previously colleagues or team members and the feedback required to develop is not forthcoming due to the hierarchical nature of the relationships.  

Line Managers

We believe line managers are a critical link between the employee and senior leaders. They hold the relationship with their employees, and directly impact an employee’s job satisfaction and performance. They are the people charged with "on boarding" their staff, providing development, encouragement and support, managing organisational communications and fostering a healthy culture that reflects the organisation's overall desired culture. This is in addition to their operational responsibilities.

As well as managing and communicating the company’s policies to their teams, line mangers also have to manage and communicate upwards to ensure senior managers stay connected with what is happening in their business.  Dealing with heavy workloads whilst balancing the needs of these different stakeholders can be challenging.  Managers will often feel they are too busy to deal with staff issues preferring to focus on the operational or technical tasks therefore not leveraging the opportunity they have to develop their teams.

Choosing who occupies a manager’s role is also critically important. People are often promoted due to their technical competence but do not necessarily have a desire or the skills to manage the people side of the role. Through good assessment processes managers can be selected who are motivated and have the potential to master the variety of skills they will require.

Managers must then be equipped with the expertise to manage and develop their people if they are to get the best results for themselves, their employees and their organisations. If they believe they are not succeeding as managers their job satisfaction will plummet and they may chose to leave, creating an unnecessary departure of talent. Developing this expertise takes time, however skilled and well supported line managers will get considerably greater results and have happier more engaged teams.  In addition this creates a management talent pool who may step up to be senior leaders in the future.

To reach their potential a manager needs to perform well in all aspects of the role, and will require ongoing development, exposure to new challenges and quality bottom up and top down feedback which can be provided through a 360 degree survey. 

Senior Leaders

We believe Senior Leaders set the tone of an organisation. Not only are they making decisions about the strategic direction of an organisation but they strongly influence the climate of an organisation which has an effect on everyone’s ability to perform at their best. Leaders are a work in progress each learning their own leadership style and capability. We understand leaders can be isolated and often face extraordinary challenges. We believe leadership development can be enhanced and accelerated and is pivotal for organisational wide success.

All our leadership development programmes are tailored to suit the specific circumstances and dynamics at play. If you would like to know more about our solutions, talk to one of our consultants today. Contact.