Liz Barns-Graham - Consultant Profile


With over 15 years experience in the HR and OD consulting field, Liz has worked with a wide range of organisations including multiple international organisations and large NZ corporate companies.  She also has extensive experience in working with smaller businesses within NZ and has worked in the health, finance, government, IT, manufacturing, education and professional services sectors. Her previous roles have included long-term positions with a global consulting firm and one of NZ’s premiere OD and HR consulting businesses 

Liz believes that research provides extensive value to the strategic decision making process within organisations.  When driving improvements at individual, team and organisational level, research provides valuable insight into not just the issues but also the inherent strengths that might potentially be overlooked.  By ensuring that her clients have all the pertinent facts ‘at their fingertips’, Liz enables them to make the most business savvy decisions which take into account all the relevant circumstances in play at any particular point in time.

This research can take many forms.  It can be as simple as using psychometric assessment during recruitment to ensure the selection of the candidate with the best fit for the role and the business culture.  Or as complex as carrying out bespoke ‘pulse check’ surveys both pre- and during change to pre-determine the hotspots and to provide ongoing information on the implementation of the change.   

Areas of Specialisation

Individual – Liz is accredited to the major NZ Test providers and her area of expertise is in reviewing information from multiple sources and amalgamating this into a brief and easily comprehended report.  With a highly flexible format, these can be written against the specific requirements or competencies in a role, the organisational culture or values or as a simple strengths and challenges report.  Liz’s preference is to always provide individuals assessed with feedback which is aimed at helping to build strategic self-awareness.

·         Psychometric assessment for Selection – including candidate and manager feedback

·         Psychometric assessment for Development – including feedback to manager and coaching to individual -  for use in succession planning and career development

·         360 surveys (generic and bespoke) for leadership, career development and pre-training or development.  This service includes design, facilitation and feedback.

Team Research – From her toolbox of psychometric assessment, Liz can recommend assessments to delve into specific issues seen within teams.  Some of these issues may be poor communication, similar and dissimilar responses to pressure, mis-match of working style, conflict due to different personalities and preferences or merely a desire to assist the team to work even more effectively together.  Once research has been carried out, then a workshop is designed to review the results for the group and identify and recommend the way forward. 

Generally, individuals receive feedback on their own personal style and preferences before the workshop.  This ensures that they are fully aware of where their strengths and potential challenges lie and can talk about these comfortably during the workshop and also embeds a common language within the group.

In addition, Liz can also facilitate high performance modelling and benchmarking projects on existing teams within businesses – identifying what drives success and high performance within any given role.


·         Culture, engagement and pulse-check surveys

·         Client satisfaction and customer surveys

·         Pre-branding and pre-strategy research

·         Review and analysis of existing business data

·         Role and competency profiling

Accreditations & Expertise 

 Fully accredited in:

·         CPP SOFT –

  • Californian Personality Inventory
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Matrix One Employee Value Proposition

·         Winsborough –

  • Hogan Personality Inventory
  • Hogan Development Survey
  • Motive and Values Preference Inventory

·         Opra suite of assessments

·         Chandler MacLeod – TRACES

·         CEB –

  • SHL Verify online abilities,
  • Scenarios Managerial Judgement
  • Occupational Preference Questionnaire
  • Motivation Questionnaire

·         BSRP –

  • Fearfree Prospecting and Self Promotion Accreditation
  • Sales Preference Questionnaire

·         Hermann Brain Dominance Index

·         Team Management Index (TMI)


·         Fundamentals of coaching

·         Integrity Systems accreditation 

  • Integrity Selling,
  • Managing Goal Achievement,
  • The Customer

·         Experienced in use of NEO-PIR, Gallup Strengths and Belbin Team Styles