Supporting your employees†during restructures†& redundancy

All organisations have to make changes to align their business structure to their current strategy and sometimes those changes result in redundancies. Providing the affected employee with an outplacement programme can assist the person to adjust to the situation and come through the redundancy with sense of control, a clear direction and the skills they need to ensure they have the best opportunity to be successful with their job search and the next stage of their career.

No two situations are the same so our outplacement service is very individualised, catering†from the most senior executives, to people who have entry level roles. Reactions vary enormously, while some people are quite happy and pragmatic about the changes regarding it as the push out of the nest they needed, others are extremely upset and angry about the situation and really donít know how to move forward or let go of the powerful negative emotions they are feeling.

People are often very concerned about the financial implications of the changes, they can be very anxious about re-entering the job market and how they are going to secure the type of role they want. Others are unsure of their next career move, wondering whether to change direction or carry on in the same type of role or industry.

Most organisations now provide outplacement to help their departing employees come to terms with what has happened and manage these emotions they may be experiencing. We have a team of very experienced career coaches and psychologists who are able to provide the necessary support and guidance for the person affected by the changes.

Our outplacement programmes are very flexible and tailored to the needs of the individual and may include some or all of the following elements:

Manage change and its unsettling nature.

Explore skills, career motivations, interests,skills and values

Explore the opportunities that exist and make some decisions.

Provided practical help with

CV preparation

Interview skills training

Networking to, build knowledge, open doors and maximise opportunity

Job market research

Developing a strategy

Help with applications

Follow up sessions in new role

Financial and budgeting advice

Self employment advice

Retirement advice

All programmes are tailored to suit the individual affected. We only charge for sessions that are taken so you will not be billed for partially used programmes. To talk confidentially about any forthcoming restructures please call one of our consultants. Contact us.