Psychometric Assessment - for selection & developement 

Anyone who has made a poor hiring decision in the past will realise how costly this can be, not only because of having to rehire and retrain but also because of the lost opportunity and sometimes the catastrophic damage that can be done through incompetence or cultural mismatch.

Psychometric assessment allows organisations to assess applicants (internal and external) to measure their preferences and traits against those required to be successful  in the role.

About Potential will design a psychometric test battery that will allow the key competencies and abilities to be measured and will provide a full report commenting on the results.  We are passionate about including the applicant in this process as we believe it is critical to validating the results given by the psychometric instrument.  In addition it engages the participant in the assessment process making them feel more comfortable about how results are interpreted and used. This has an important effect on their view of how they have been treated by your organisation and that the process has been fair.


Psychometric assessments give you insights that you cannot get through interviewing and when coupled with a behavioural interview, are a very good predictor of how successful the person will be in the role. 

Psychometric tests can be used for selection and development purposes and the selection of tests used is based on the particular circumstances. These may include personality questionnaires, intelligence tests, relevant and level appropriate ability tests and can also include 360 degree surveys, role play exercises and assessment centres. 

Psychometric testing can add valuable information to the selection process but as Cronbach observed, measurement instruments themselves do not have validity, but validity resides in the interpretation of the instrument. The team at About Potential are highly skilled at interpreting psychometric tests and our experience allows us to avoid the common errors than can accompany psychometric testing of over simplyfying, over extrapolating and overplaying conclusions resulting in hiring decision errors. 

If you would like to discuss how psychometric assessment can assist your organisation with selecting talented employees contact one of our consultants today. Contact us.