Veronica White – Consultant Profile 


Veronica has nearly 30 years experience in organisational change leading people and change practices in a number of high profile professional services firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM and Sheffield Consulting Group.  She has worked nationally and internationally and held the role of Director of Culture and Leadership for Asia Pacific for PwC and then IBM.  She has specialist skills in the assessment and development of core capability, organisational structure and the alignment of accountabilities and performance metrics to organisational strategy and goals.

Veronica has worked across both the public, private and health sector on change projects and in particular leading a 12 month project to restructure clinical services at a NZ Hospital. She is a skilled facilitator and is respected as an advisor on complex change programmes. 

Areas of Specialisation

1. Implement change programmes

Extensive experience working with Chief Executives and Operational Managers to design an integrated change strategy to meet the specific environment and coach the leaders to deliver step performance improvements.  This includes advising on senior management team composition, agreeing accountabilities and KPIs, culture change and communications.  Recent engagements include:

  • Group Manager NZ Hospital - to restructure the Hospital to achieve accountability within the clinical management (14 month project)
  •  CEO Industrial Resources Manufacturer - to achieve better accountability and performance within the Executive Team (18 month project)  
  • GM International Airline - to reclaim the management’s right to manage in a site taken over by an aggressive union culture (24 month project)
  • CEO NZ Government department - to rebuild the capability and performance of management team (8 month project)

Working with an internal team to coach them through implementing a change programme and build change capability within an organisation  Recent projects include:

  • Health Board Restructure - working with an internal team to develop the proposal, consult with staff and unions and build support across the clinical services for greater accountability and improve the clinical management practices
  •  Academic Institution - introduction of Strategy Maps and KPIs as a mechanism to improve efficiency and performance.  This is working with an internal team, facilitating workshops with each of the “back office” functions to establish a more accountable, performance culture. (mid way through an 18 month project)
  •  FMCG – Working with an internal integration team to assess the people and culture risks to ensure that they maintained the value of a recent $300M acquisition. This included working with the CEO and his Executive Team to achieve better accountability and understand the interrelationship of roles prior to the relocation of this business
  •  International Hotel Chain.  Engaged to run a change programme to prepare the Hotel employees for a change in the management contract from the international operators back to the local owners 

 2. Developing capability

More than 25 years experience assessing and developing senior executives for specific roles and senior management teams with a focus on behavioral capability.

  • Large FMCG Retailer - Undertook a review of a core function to address succession issues as a number of key players were due to retire
  • Large FMCG Retailer - undertook a review for the incoming CEO looking at the roles, accountabilities and capabilities of the senior team and then the cascading structure resulting in a number of changes 
  • Aotea Programme - designed a public development programme using the outdoors as the learning environment with of a diverse group of specialist facilitators to provide coaching on strategies to build clarity, capacity and capability and focused on the next step in their careers

Developed competency models and programmes to address specific capability issues

  • Construction industry -  implemented a highly effective performance culture programme with the emphasis on ongoing performance conversations rather than a bi annual performance management system
  •  Information services industry - developed a sales competency model for both field and tele sales for recruitment and development of future representatives

 3. Specialist HR capabilities

  • HR measures, metrics and scorecards for reporting on people performance across a business. Client industries include: information services, telecommunications, university
  • HR effectiveness reviews looking at how well HR is delivering to the expectations of Operations.  Clients industries include health boards, universities
  •  Workforce planning and retention.  Worked with the US based retention specialists, TalentKeepers, to deliver retention strategies and their e-learning toolkit to the NZ market

Education and Qualifications   

University of Otago, Dunedin, NZ
   BA (History/ English)
   BSc (Psychology/Physiology)
Auckland Secondary Teachers College
   Diploma in Secondary Teaching